"There is nothing you can bring to Me that I cannot resolve…"

Published by Sacred Life Publishing

Copyright © 2019 by Marjorie Tyler, Joann Sjolander, and Margaret Ballonoff

The One With God Experience

One With God: Awakening Through the Voice of the Holy Spirit is a series of books currently being given by the Holy Spirit to Marjorie (Margie) Tyler, who hears His Voice. Her scribing of approximately 1000 words a day began in 2012.  Margie begins each day by asking the Holy Spirit for His instruction regarding her life experiences, relationships, night dreams, and questions on any subject. His answers are clear and transformative. Many readers identify with Margie and the minutiae of her life, expressing gratitude for being encouraged in their own awakening process. Readers who have come to hear the Holy Spirit’s Voice are experiencing a deeper relationship with Him, which has changed the way they see the world.

Margie and her two friends, Jo Sjolander and Meera Ballonoff, who also hear the Inner Voice, have developed a new understanding of "who they are" as One with God. Their shift of mind from ego to Spirit is an ongoing process of undoing the ego thought system, which is solely based on the belief of being separate from one's Source/God. Because the progression of the awakening process is holographic, the One With God books can be read in any order. Their message is always one of Wholeness.

A Message from the Holy Spirit for the Readers: Ask to hear My Voice. You will first taste My words and then come to know that I exist in you as your true Friend and Companion. I will light the way for every step you take and lead you to peace. As your life begins to make sense through My interpretation, it will flow with a new ease. I promise that each and everyone who truly desires to know Me will reach Me in the mind. There is nothing you can bring to Me that I cannot resolve because the only problem in this world is the belief you are separated from God. In knowing Me as your Self, as the Christ, the Son of God, you will know you never left God. We are always One and always have been. You do not have to be special or chosen to receive My Word. I am here for all. I am the Essence of every being.

You will hear Me in thoughts and see Me in signs. I bring gentle messages, always in support of what is best for you on your journey. No thought from Me carries fear. I am always loving, always present. This you can trust, and will come to trust, as your acquaintance with Me deepens. Open to Me and ask to know My Presence. I will answer your call. The next step for you, dear reader, is to know you are one with all your brothers—One with God. Yes, you will awaken to the memory of God, and the dream of separation will be over. This is the return Home.