Copyright © 2016 by Marjorie Tyler, Joann Sjolander, and Margaret Ballonoff


The Holy Spirit Speaks


Holy Spirit, what do You say? It was destined that you, Margie—as My scribe—and your friends Jo and Meera, would come together, as nothing in this illusory world is left to chance.

You have known each other for many lifetimes—in ancient times and in your lifetimes with Jesus. Each of you had an unspoken, unacknowledged role in My journey as Jesus, My manifestation. It was the one lifetime that seared your hearts for the longing to come to Me as the Holy Spirit—your Christ Self. You three have searched for Me under many names and forms: Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and others too numerous to name. You were determined to know Me as the Source of all that is, the Way to God, and the True Self.

I accompanied each of you from the beginning of this lifetime, placing you in families that were perfect to support your way to Me. Meera had to be born of Jewish parents, where she could fall in love with the silence and peace of the synagogue. Jo had to come from the limited beliefs of Lutheranism that suppressed freedom of spiritual thought and exploration, yet in a family where she would receive support from her father’s spiritual open-mindedness and her mother’s love of Jesus. And you, Margie, had to grow up in a liberal Protestant family, where your parents were pillars of the church, and you had a deep desire to know Me. The coming together of the three of you took place in its own unique way, which each of you describe in your individual stories. You used your relationships with each other to join in the intention to find My Voice, which for you, Margie, happened in 2012.

The repeated injunction to ask for My guidance has led to more trust in My constant Presence for the three of you. You have learned that I will answer fully every question you ask, and you’ve learned over time that My answers might change as situations change. I have given you each exactly what you were able to handle in the moment you asked. It is only this—the constant asking for My Presence and My Voice—that has substantially transformed your lives. This will continue to unfold until the moment you are ready to be lifted by God into Heaven. I have been with all of you—in your mind—since the beginning of time and will remain there for eternity. We are One with God.