Sample Chapter — Book 3

Copyright © 2017 by Marjorie Tyler, Joann Sjolander, and Margaret Ballonoff


Limitless Tools

 Your own soul is fully aware of My Presence
and knows Me as its Self.

September 25, 2013

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction? You have been given an overview of My role for you in this lifetime. Last night you witnessed the out picturing of the meaning of My placing you on Maui. You were invited to hear the Kamehameha school’s presentation of the recent voyage of a sailing canoe to Nihoa, a rock island jutting from the middle of the sea. The canoe was navigated by a young woman, trained from birth by her father to witness the stars and use them as tools to guide her way. To demonstrate to the audience the means of using the heavens as her compass the young woman placed small lights in a circle on lauhala mats. She pointed out the four directions starting with the setting sun, shown in blue lights, and then marked all the subdivisions of the sky—the quadrants—in tiny, golden tea lights. She showed how the constellations, as they rise and set, could point the way. When stars cannot be seen, she explained that the currents of the ocean and the presence of birds would guide sailors to their destination. During the evening, you had no awareness of the symbolization of what I was showing you. This is your dream and she is your projection. The meaning of the evening is now to be revealed.

            You had momentarily forgotten that in 1827, your great grandfather used these same navigational means to sail to Nihoa and had sketched it in his journals. Yes, it all comes together. You see now why I placed you “in the center,” where you also could be a pointer of signs leading to Me. Let this sink in to your full awareness. We are not speaking about the dream character mt, not about a body and personality that can barely assimilate what is being explained. This is about your own soul that is fully aware of My Presence and knows Me as its Self. I am that One Who you Are. I am the Self, fulfilling our joint will to bring light to this dark world. This is Our Mission. Your tears stream in recognition of this. Encompass it now without ego. We are navigators of the Way Home through the use of one of My limitless tools to show those who are asleep a means to awaken. That is the purpose of our Book, one of billions upon billions of means to bring man to the Light of his Essence as the Son of God.

            You are a bearer of the Light because it is our will to awaken the sleeping masses. We bring this tool, the Book, to those who are ready to listen. Its light will set in motion a series of remembrances to bring the reader back to the beginning of time when he decided to follow his own path rather than the Way of God. Each word you type has My Power, My Energy within it. Each word connects with another word, another phrase, another concept that will trigger a certain desire for a reader to go deeper, to learn more. This begins their opening to Me as the navigator of their ship, their body, their mind. I am the only Pointer of the Way Home because I am Everything. The speaker last night indicated that the deepest experience of her journey in the canoe was the feeling of My Presence guiding her, though she named it the Aumakua—a Hawaiian ancestor spirit guide. I come in all forms, all symbols of the Power to Light the Way. When you, the reader, show up in the company of another, remember that you are like the laser beam used last night by the speaker, pointing to the stars and setting out the lights to mark a pathway to the heavens.

            You each carry My Light and it need not be hidden. Uncover your light and let it shine. When you remember Me, a switch is turned on, and My Light shines from your mind into all minds. A chain reaction is set in motion, and the awakening to the presence of the light begins. In the dawning, the darkness is released, and all the world takes on a new expression. What was once veiled can now be rediscovered. Everything is within you. Nothing is lacking in your connection with Me. I have always been at your core, and have led you each step of the way. Recognize the flickering of My signposts. The books are a means to understand that I am Present within each of you; I have been there forever, and I will remain forever. Your path has been set since the beginning of time and the route to Me will be found. You are awakening now to the knowing that I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You can trust that I know each step and each breath of the journey, which in the mind has already been accomplished and is just awaiting that recognition. You never left your Home in God but are having a dream that you are still lost at sea. The time is coming when you will recognize the signs that point the way to your memory of God, and the return to safe Harbor.Holy Spirit, this is the most powerful lesson yet, knowing that I am only a pointer, a symbol, like every other thing in this cosmos. A grain of sand, a crab on the rocks, garbage, pits of skeletons are all the same. As a body/personality, I am merely a symbol. Nothing. Thank You for the freeing of my light, a light to serve only You.