Myriad Selves

When you give someone your full attention,
you are really giving it to Me.

January 7, 2014

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction for today? We will review a particular dream from last night. You were standing in a room. On your right was a table, stacked high with pint-sized jars of pure water that had been sent from different parts of the environs. Three men were pouring what you thought was the water into a huge thermos, but what you saw looked like chai, the milk tea at Sai Baba's ashram in India that is served to thousands from all over the world. In your dream, you watched how the men carefully poured the sterile milk tea into the thermos, holding their fingers out so there would be no contamination. You were confused about how the water had become tea.

            This is a powerful message to you and all the readers of this book: pay attention to everything you are offered every moment of your day. It is a gift to you from Me. Neglect nothing. Every event, every thought, every meeting holds an offering to be distilled by Me into a nectar for your soul. I transform every image to feed you My wisdom and instruction for the process of your awakening. All the offerings blend into the drink of love for those who are ready to imbibe. You are surprised to see how I now use your experience at the ashram to give My message of the morning. Everything is used; do not ignore any experience that comes your way. You would like to escape certain time-consuming activities or not pay attention to another's comments or stories because you think you have better things to do. Stop; wait; listen. I have set them before you to deliver an instruction. Take the time to surrender in that moment to Me. Listen and know that I am behind every encounter. Let the movie run to the end with your calm and patient attention. Yes, it requires patience in loving service to fulfill My purpose, which you are willing to do.

            These books are a compilation of your many experiences in the world of form. I have transformed those details into an offering to be used by the thousands to come to a better understanding of the Self. We are all the One Son, but in the illusion, it appears that man is separated into many forms and appearances. You are now taking in the contributions of all the iterations of the Sonship. Each one you meet represents one of the aspects, or facets, of the whole. When you give someone your full attention, you are really giving it to your Self, Me. It is the Self fully listening to its Self. Each of you then adds your unique ingredient to the one blend, which can feed nations in the mind.

            You, mt, in your emptiness, are ready to be filled by all the offerings of those you meet from around the world, but first, you must remain empty of your ego's demands to have life "your way"—keeping space and time to your little self. Many readers have experiences, not unlike mt's, while meeting the brothers in form, in the media, or in their thoughts. Each encounter activates a response from your ego, a desire to judge or discount the other in some way so the ego can remain in charge and superior. This is what we notice together now, joined above the battleground. Ask to be lifted above your reactions so you can receive the brothers openly and without judgment, remembering they are all reflections of your Self. Then, the container of your open heart will be ready to receive the pure waters of a brother's essence and the gift he has to offer for your own completion. With his offering, you are preparing to make ready for the "tea," which I will then serve back to you, transformed and purified, to be received as My blessing. Now that you, mt, have opened to Me as a channel, I can pour forth the distillation of all your experiences.

Sample Chapter — Book 4

(I do feel I have settled into my role with the books now. There is a gentle joy of embracing, receiving, and sharing them. There is peace and appreciation, without feeling special, just an acceptance of "it is what it is." It seems my capacity to receive all that comes from the Holy Spirit has increased. As I sat in the hot tub tonight with six other people, it was like sharing a big cup of tea together.)

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