Quotes from Book 4

Quotes from Book 2

My Voice speaks of love and unity, safety and protection.

—Chapter 18

Feel My loving support as I lead you through the wilderness of your belief system and expose the falsity of everything you thought was real.

—Chapter 47

Once the pain that pervades the mind and body is seen as the longing for connection with the Creator, the suffering of humanity will begin to subside.

—Chapter 88

I am behind every experience of your life.

–Chapter 19

You can reach Me in stillness and in chaos.

–Chapter 32

The belief that God will not accept you is the last fear to be released.

–Chapter 62

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Quotes from Book 1

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Quotes from Book 3

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As the ego thought system is dismantled, My Voice becomes more apparent to you.

—Chapter 42

Those who are awake have complete trust that everything is happening in perfection.

—Chapter 69

Hear Me, and know Me through My Voice which speaks to all who are willing to listen.

—Chapter 70

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Nothing and no one are substitutes for My direct communication.

— Chapter 10

Set all ego fears aside, and bask in the trust that allows you to surrender unto Me.

— Chapter 47

Your only purpose on earth is to heal the fear and pain from the belief in separation.

— Chapter 79