Margie was born near Boston, Massachusetts and raised in a Protestant family. Her father taught her to believe in God, and her mother encouraged her to find herself. In college Margie started on her path of Self-realization, paying close attention to all her dreams, and carefully recording them throughout the night. Her Jungian dream analyst said she had never met anyone with more synchronistic experiences than Margie. She now gives all her dreams to the Holy Spirit for His interpretation.

Margie’s path has taken many twists and turns, all of which have helped her know that she is One with God. The journey began with the teachings of G. I. Gurdgieff. Margie wanted to discover her “Real I,” through his teachings, but it remained dormant. The next step was following Sri Sathya Sai Baba whose miracles were so close to those of Jesus that she was willing to travel alone to India to be with him. Baba became a substitute for Jesus, but after eight years, she was still no closer to knowing her Self. For the next eight years she followed the Sufi path. This part of her journey led her to Jo and Meera.

After leaving the Sufi group, Margie was on vacation in Maui when she heard a clear, strong inner call to leave her 38 year marriage, her private practice of social work, her life in Denver, and move to Maui. The move turned out to be a blessing for both her and her husband, and they have remained close friends.

Margie, Jo, and Meera were introduced to A Course in Miracles at different times in their lives. They all delved into the Course and were committed to know the Voice of the Holy Spirit. Since the early 2000s, the three have been in daily communication to encourage each other to take back their ego projections, which ultimately allow the awakening to the inner Voice of the Holy Spirit.

After eight years of working with the Course, Margie awakened from sleep one night and saw the word WRITE on the screen of her mind. At the same time, she heard the word “write” spoken in the voiceless voice that she has since come to know as the Voice of the Holy Spirit. Throughout her life, she has spoken to her Higher Self not knowing it was the Holy Spirit all along. She received messages in dreams, synchronicities, and signs that gave answers to her questions, but she had not received a “download” of information before. It was clear that night of August 8, 2012, that she was to scribe a book. From that day on, Margie has taken His dictation of about 1000 words per day—usually upon waking just before dawn. The messages have continued without stopping since that day in August.

The daily messages from the Holy Spirit have been and continue to be the basis of a series of books, called One With God. Margie is not alone in this effort. Jo and Meera also contribute their communications from the Holy Spirit, and provide support and editing when needed.

Margie’s days now flow with unprecedented ease. She can observe the ego’s thought system impersonally and know it is based in fear with no intrinsic power. She looks back on her life’s journey with new eyes, awakened into the Holy Spirit’s vision. To live surrendered to Him as her trusted Friend, constant companion and guide, has given her life a peace and contentment, unknown to her before. Each day He takes Margie and her two friends further.

Copyright © 2016 by Marjorie Tyler, Joann Sjolander, and Margaret Ballonoff