Aloha, I am so grateful for this series of books and how the Word is changing, teaching, touching me beyond anything I have ever experienced. When I first started the book, I was ravenous as I read the first few chapters...then, I realized, this is something to be savoured and so, now, I start my day with a chapter and let it sink in and do it's work. God is good and I thank you for hearing and heeding the call, Margie.

—Kathie Anderson

I feel that your books are part of the "celestial speed-up" which is helping humanity awaken from the dream of separation from God. This by-pass of the slow, evolutionary process was given to Helen Schucman as the reason for ACIM, and also feels like the reason for the OWG series. Thank you each for your commitment to help humanity heal. "When I am healed I am not healed alone." When I awaken from the dream of separation, I do not awaken alone.


Since reading One With God, Book 1, I have come to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit more clearly and have realized that I have been communicating with this same voice all my life, which I always thought of as God's Voice. I have now read Book 1 four times, and it's amazing how I keep getting a deeper understanding and meaning from what is written. I was told by the Holy Spirit that every time I do this, it is in turn 'affecting many' in the collective mind. A very big Thank You Marjorie, and Jo, and Meera too, and also to the Holy Spirit because One With God is truly a follow-on from ACIM. I just love the connection and clarity, of which I am getting more and more, every day.

—Cheryl Goodsell, Australia

I just finished reading OWG Book 2!!! Words cannot express the overwhelming gratitude I feel for you and the Holy Spirit. I am so grateful that I was led to find your books and have been able to read about what you are experiencing. I can truly feel the effects and changes taking place internally as I read, and I know that I am moving forward on the path to my own awakening. I am moved to tears of joy! It is a blessing to us all!!

—Doug Kappelmann, Missouri, U.S.

The One with God author Marjorie Tyler, talks about the Holy Spirit with Rev. Lucinda (Cindy) Paulos on the Cindy Paulos Show at KAOI FM.  The interview was broadcast on Saturday the 19th of March 2016. The entire interview is available on podbean:
One with God author Marjorie Tyler, talks about the Holy Spirit.


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